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one year working remotely

As of March 18, 2021, Wolf & Shore has officially been working remotely for an entire year. What’s different? Everything. From having virtual court dates, to facilitating every client meeting safely over Zoom, the office has overcome many obstacles. We are proud to have been able to effectively, efficiently, and safely represent our clients for the last year, and hope that is has brought some comfort to them during this unprecedented time.

Okay, so maybe not everything is different. We still have the same core values. We still offer top-notch legal representation to our clients, we are still diligent and hardworking, and we still remain in frequent contact with our clients. We also do handle in-person court dates when they do arise (usually in the case of an emergency motion).

Our top priority prior to the pandemic, and during the pandemic, has been our clients and their satisfaction. Over the last year, we have found ways for our office to operate solely on a remote basis and have made sure that our clients are prepared and comfortable with the new experiences and challenges they have had to face.

Attorneys Kristen Wolf and Shari Shore have over 22 years of combined experience. They have the knowledge and tact to navigate your matter and have seen countless matters through to the end despite the on-going global health crisis. They are compassionate enough to understand that your top priority is keeping yourself and your family safe, and have worked hard to ensure a safe remote office environment for their staff and clients alike.

Ever argue with a woman? Let Wolf & Shore Law Group go to work for you. Click here, call us at 203.745.315, or email us at

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