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Can I Hire a CT Attorney Even If I Do Not Want To Go To Court?

Out of court advisement, or legal consulting, is hiring an attorney to have on retainer even when you don’t necessarily have a case ongoing in court. This allows you to receive legal advice before you decide to go forward with a divorce, custody, or other family law matter.  We often have clients retain our office for this when they want to “get their ducks in a row,” so to speak, before deciding whether or not to file something in court.

Legal consulting can also come in the form of drafting letters on your behalf to an opposing party if should it become necessary. In many instances, a letter to an opposing party may just resolve issues before you need to resort to court proceedings.

Why Choose Wolf & Shore Law Group for Legal Consulting Services in Family Matters?

Have you ever argued with a woman? That’s our slogan for a reason. We are on your side, and we advocate for you zealously.  We have helped countless clients resolve their legal issues before they even truly start. Learn more about our Connecticut Law Group and how we can help and get started on the process now by contacting us at (203) 745-3151 or for a confidential consultation.

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