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Juvenile Law Representation by Attorneys Wolf & Shore

Connecticut has a separate division of Juvenile Matters Courts which handle a variety of specific issues to help best protect the interest of juveniles. The attorneys of Wolf & Shore Law Group have completed the required training for state-appointed juvenile delinquency matters and child protection representation contracts through the Office of the Chief Public Defender. Orders of Temporary Custody can also be filed in the Juvenile Matters Courts. We are experienced with the procedures and processes of these courts and can proactively advocate for the best interest of our client. We represent children, biological parents, foster parents, and intervening family members. We also assist with out-of-court representation during DCF investigations. If you have any specific questions pertaining to juvenile delinquency or child protection matters, please contact us. All phone consultations are confidential.

“[Wolf & Shore LLC was] professional and friendly. I have been very happy with the timely communication this office provided.” – H.F., Cheshire, CT

We understand that each individual child protection case is unique, and our attorneys have the experience you need.

CT Juvenile Law Checklist

Divorce in Connecticut can be a difficult time for all parties involved. It’s critical to go through the necessary steps in order to move forward;

Commonly Asked Questions About Juvenile Law in Connecticut

Maybe. The court looks at a variety of factors in order to determine if a parent’s rights can be terminated. It is a very severe measure and you do need appropriate facts and evidence to support such a petition. There are also different options as to where to file the petition in most cases, as you can often file in probate court and juvenile court. You should consult with an attorney regarding the specific facts of your case.

Cooperating with DCF is generally helping if you have a pending investigation or case. However, it is important to remember that nothing you say to DCF is confidential. It’s very easy for people to misstep and say something in a way they didn’t mean, or something that could be misconstrued. Hiring an attorney to work with DCF on your behalf will allow you the peace of mind to know that your matter is being handled appropriately.

In most cases, if a temporary guardian has been appointed for your child, you can file the appropriate petition to reinstate yourself as his or her guardian. However, the burden is on you to prove why you should be your child’s guardian again and you need to be prepared with the appropriate evidence to present your case.

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