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Child Support in Connecticut

I need Child Support from my Co-Parent. What do I do?

If you don’t have an underlying court order for child support, you can file an action in the family court. There is no need to start a full custody matter if all you want to obtain is an order for support. However, if you or the parent who would be paying child support has any state assistance, you may need to file your matter in Magistrate Court and have Support Enforcement Services involved.

The State of Connecticut has issued Connecticut Child Support Guidelines under the premise that the child(ren) are entitled to child support, not the parent. This is a very important factor as child support is different than alimony. The aforementioned Guidelines above largely dictate child support.

It is important to note that child support can be received a multitude of ways. If one party is simply paying it to the other then it can be via direct deposit, check, electronic transfer, or even services like Venmo, PayPal or Appclose. The child support obligor’s pay can be garnished if necessary. Alternatively, the parties can enter into a voluntary wage withholding. So, that the support payment would go directly to the obligee parent. The support payment would usually go to the parent with primary custody. Therefore, that pay would come directly out of the obligor’s paycheck.

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