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Custody Attorneys in Connecticut

What is Child Custody and Do I Really Need a Custody Agreement?

If you share a child with a partner that you have never married, you should always have a comprehensive custody agreement filed with the court. Even if you and your co-parent get along well, it is best to reach an agreement outlining each other’s rights and responsibilities. This way, if there should come a time when the two of you are not effectively communicating, or co-parenting, you have an agreement to fall back on and execute. 

Many parents actually choose to file a custody agreement when they are on good terms with their co-parent. These clients often find value in having the agreement in place before an issue arises.  Alternatively, many people do not see the need for a custody agreement until they part ways, and that does sometimes make the custody matter easier because it often alleviates speaking in hypotheticals. 

Types of Custody:

There are two types of custody-physical custody (where the child or children will reside) and legal custody (who gets to make major decisions for the child or children). It is imperative that both of these issues are addressed thoroughly so that each parent knows his or her rights regarding such.

One parent may have primary physical custody (and the other parent often has visitation rights). Alternatively, two parents may have some sort of shared physical custody. Shared parenting plans can be as unique as you want and generally vary from family to family. When selecting a custody attorney, it may be helpful to inquire as to what types of parenting plans they have previously drafted. You should also inquire about what types of elements are generally included in these plans.

In regard to legal custody, one parent may have sole legal custody, or both parents may have joint legal custody. A parent who has sole legal custody, may make decisions on their own regarding major decisions for the child(ren). However, if two parents have joint legal custody, they must work together to make such decisions.

Types of Custody:

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