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Divorce Mediation Process in Connecticut

Divorce mediation is the process of negotiating a fair divorce agreement by utilizing the services of a neutral divorce mediation attorney. Unlike in a litigated divorce, you won’t go to court until you are ready to finalize your divorce, or if you cannot reach an agreement.

What Does a Divorce Mediator Do?

A divorce mediator is also a divorce attorney. When Wolf & Shore Law Group mediates a divorce, we facilitate communication and negotiations between the divorcing spouses. The divorce mediation attorney remains neutral and cannot give each individual spouse legal advice, or provide legal representation as a divorce lawyer would. This is because the role of the neutral divorce mediation attorney is different from a typical divorce attorney in that they would meet with both parties to discuss matters.  We generally recommend that each party have his or her own divorce attorney also. Since the mediator acts as a neutral party, and does not generally review all financial discovery, it is in each party’s own individual interest to have his or her own advocate as well.

Your divorce mediation attorney helps you pinpoint all necessary financial information such as bank or brokerage statements, appraisals such as business, real estate and pension plans, retirement accounts, debt, etc. so that you and your spouse can make informed financial decisions. As needed, your may suggest consultation with other professionals such as appraisers, business valuation experts, or pension or retirement valuators.

Wolf & Shore Law Group will also help you work to resolve various issues in order to meet the needs of both parties, financial or otherwise.  If children are involved, we will also help you to create a comprehensive and cohesive parenting plan, as well as explain the ins and outs of co-parenting.

Once all issues are resolved, your agreement is drafted and each party and his or her attorney will approve such. Once everything is agreed upon, the mediated agreement will be filed with the court.  Your mediation attorney will go to your uncontested date if necessary so that the agreement can be entered as a Court Order.

Why Choose Wolf & Shore Law Group for Divorce Meditation?

Attorney Shore has been a certified mediator since 2007. Attorney Wolf is participating in training for mediation techniques, and will soon be certified. Wolf & Shore Law Group of New Haven CT is firmly committed to helping families reach comprehensive, sustainable and fair divorce agreements.

Call (203) 745-3151 or email today to make an appointment for a confidential consultation with one of our attorneys.

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