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Family & Divorce Lawyers
Wolf & Shore

Wolf & Shore Law Group is dedicated to protecting your interests and will take a proactive approach to your family law matter. Our attorneys can use both litigation and negotiation techniques to help you achieve the best possible outcome. We are also certified in mediation and collaborative law if you are seeking a more amicable, or non-adversarial, approach. Whether you are a concerned parent who needs a custody agreement, an engaged person protecting your interests, or a party in a contentious divorce, the attorneys of Wolf & Shore Law Group will use their knowledge and experience to accommodate each and every client.

[Wolf & Shore, LLC was] caring, professional and friendly. It was truly a pleasure to have them help me through a very difficult time in my life.” – T.S., Southbury, Ct

We understand that each individual case is unique, and whether your case is best handled by a cooperative settlement approach or a fully contested trial, our attorneys have the experience you need. We will ensure that our clients understand the legal process, comprehend their options, and are kept appraised of their case throughout its duration.  Wolf & Shore Law Group also understands that many parties wish to resolve their disputes amicably, quickly, and on a budget, and can assist you with doing so. For more information on how Wolf & Shore Law Group can advocate on your behalf, or protect your, and your children’s, best interests, please contact us. All consultations are confidential.

CT Divorce Checklist

Divorce in Connecticut can be a difficult time for all parties involved. It’s critical to go through the necessary steps in order to move forward;

Commonly Asked Questions About Family & Divorce Law in CT

Yes. There are a variety of factors that play into the equitable distribution of assets in a divorce. Assets need to be analyzed to determine what the pre-marital portion is, if any, pensions may need to valued and child support and alimony may need to be calculated. An attorney can assist you with all of these issues, direct you to a financial advisor if necessary, run the Connecticut Child Support Guidelines (hyperlink) and also show you asset division charts to assess which assets should be attributed to each party.

The contributions you made prior to your marriage may be able to be counted as a pre-marital asset. Connecticut is an equitable distribution state, but it based on the marital estate as a whole. If you can both agree that something is a pre-marital asset, you may be able to incorporate such into an agreement. However, if you disagree as to when the asset was obtained, or accrued you may need to have a hearing and will need evidence to support such. An attorney can walk you through this process and explain what type of evidence would be most helpful in your situation.

You may be. Alimony, or spousal support, is based upon a variety of factors. Connecticut considers the length of the marriage, the income of each party, the earning potential of each party, the role each party played in the marriage, and other factors. You should consult with an attorney to assess your specific situation.

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