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Open Adoption Agreements

What Is An Open-Adoption Agreement?

An Open-Adoption Agreement is an agreement outlining the terms of an adoption where the biological parents will still have some form of contact with the minor child(ren). However, the extent of contact between the biological parents and the children can vary greatly in open adoption agreements. Sometimes, it’s just cards for holidays and birthdays, sometimes it also includes photographs, or, in a more involved circumstance, sometimes phone contact or visitation is allowed. An adoptive family would need to consent to the biological parents being engaged in the child(ren)’s life in order for this type of agreement to be drafted and implemented.

Why Should I Retain Wolf & Shore Law Group to Help Me with My Open-Adoption Agreement?

Looking to make your open-adoption matter easier, not harder? More civilized and less stressful? Choose Wolf & Shore Law Group. Attorneys Kristen Wolf and Shari Shore are both tenacious enough to protect your best interest and compassionate enough to help get you through the stress of an open-adoption case.

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