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Am I Able to Simply File for Visitation with My Child?

Visitation is also commonly referred to as parenting time. In Connecticut, you are able to file a Visitation Application. This is also a custody application, but you are able to only select visitation if that’s all you are seeking. This application is handled similarly to a custody application, and will need to be served on your co-parent via a State Marshal. This application will also create a court date, which you and your co-parent will need to attend.

Typically, parties can agree to whatever visitation schedule works for them. This schedule should also cause as little disruption to your child’s routine as possible. The court may deny a proposed agreement should they find that the parenting plan is not in your child’s best interest.

Why Choose Wolf & Shore Law Group to Help You File Your Visitation Application?

Looking to make your visitation matter easier, not harder?  More civilized and less stressful?  Choose Wolf & Shore Law Group. Attorneys Kristen Wolf and Shari Shore are both tenacious enough to protect your best interest and compassionate enough to help get you through a difficult visitation case.

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