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Kristen Wolf with Shari-Lynn Cuomo Shore
What we offer

We offer comprehensive representation to individuals going through family law matters, juvenile law matters, or probate matters pertaining to family issues.

If you need an attorney for yourself, or to represent your child, or if you have a pending divorce or are dealing with a DCF investigation, we can represent you and work with you every step of the way.
Services We Provide

Legal Practice Areas


Divorce and Family Law Matters

Wolf & Shore Law Group is dedicated to protecting your interests and will take a proactive approach to your family law matter.
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Probate Matters Involving Family & Children

We handle a wide variety of probate matters, including Orders of Temporary Custody and other sensitive issues.
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Juvenile & Child Protection Law

Connecticut has a separate division of Juvenile Matters Courts which handle a variety of specific issues to help best protect the interest of juveniles.
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