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Dear Attorneys,

I can’t keep up with all these virtual court dates. I just got notified that I have a Remote Hearing in a few weeks, but I already had a Case Date. Isn’t this the same thing? What do I need to do?


Virtually Vexed


Dear Vexed,

Your Case Date was likely just to discuss the issues in your matter with a judge and get feedback as to how to move the case forward so that you can hopefully reach an agreement. Your hearing is on the record, with the judge and that is when you (or your attorney) will argue the motions pending and present your case.

You generally need to file different things for different types of court dates, and that is governed by the Standing Orders. You can look those up on the judicial site for reference, and it should tell you exactly what you need to do before your court date and when you need to do it. It is important to comply with the standing orders so that your matter is not unnecessarily delayed.

It’s okay to ask for help! You don’t have to prepare for or navigate your hearing alone. Wolf & Shore Law Group has knowledgeable attorneys ready to consult with you and take on your case, regardless of what stage it is in. With over 24 years of combined experience, Attorneys Kristen Wolf & Shari-Lynn Cuomo Shore are highly skilled in preparing their clients for anything that comes their way.

Call us today, and let us make your matter easier, not harder. Ever argue with a woman? Let Wolf & Shore Law Group go to work for you. Call us at 203.745.3151 or email us at

Very Truly Yours,

Wolf & Shore Law Group

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