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invest in you

“Why is divorce so expensive? Because it’s worth it!”

Lawyers can be expensive. Divorce can be expensive. At least in many situations. However, hiring a lawyer is an investment in yourself. It is similar to investing for your retirement. When you put money into your retirement account, it is because you want to make sure that you have the best possible financial outcome to retire at the age that you desire. When you hire a lawyer for your divorce or family law matter, you are also investing in your future because you want the best possible outcome.

While Connecticut does not require you to retain a lawyer for your family law matter, it is certainly helpful. Many people try to navigate the legal system as a pro se litigant (also known as a self-represented party). However, ultimately, those individuals do not know the law and they do not, generally know how to work with the court.  The court does have resources available to the general public, such as a court services center and law libraries.  Regardless, without the proper tools, it is often difficult for self-represented parties to negotiate with opposing counsel, or sometimes even to simply communicate effectively on their own behalf. Family law matters are wrought with emotion and it is often difficult to separate feelings from facts, and that often results in unclear evidence being presented, or sometimes, the necessary evidence and facts not being presented at all.

If you retain an attorney to help you through your dissolution or custody matter, you will often remove some of the emotions from the situation. It also allows you to ask someone you trust the tough questions (how do I learn to co-parent? What issues shouldn’t be discussed in front of the children? Am I entitled to my spouse’s retirement? Or social security? How do I create a parenting plan)….During a family law matter, you will likely have all of these questions, and more. The court cannot answer these questions for you, and often, it is difficult to find the answers online or in legal books.

While a divorce may not be an expense that you planned for, if you do not retain an attorney, you may risk losing, or not gaining, more money down the road. If you make a smart decision to obtain legal counsel at the time of your family law matter, you will likely be in a better position down the road. Many people believe that if they simply reach an agreement, they can always fix it later.  That is not necessarily true as re-opening a matter, or subsequently modifying one, needs to follow a specific process and meet certain burdens. Even an attorney may not be able to re-open, or modify, an agreement that you improperly entered. It is imperative for you to seek good legal counsel and retain someone that you trust and someone with whom you can establish a great rapport.

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