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It’s cold outside, and that means snow days are coming! A parent’s favorite type of a day, where you have to go to work and figure out what to do with your child who no longer has school. For those of you who have co-parents, this can be increasingly hard to facilitate.

If you do not have a parenting plan that specifically outlines what happens on a snow day, sick day, or other surprise schedule change, you may have trouble deciding who is responsible for your child.

You may think, “Mom is scheduled to have parenting time after school, so she should have parenting time during the snow day.” However, if Mom decides that she does not want, or can’t accommodate, any additional parenting time, she may fight you on that.

Wolf & Shore Law Group sees this kind of scenario every day. We often receive calls from potential clients, who all indicate that they need a better parenting plan. Sometimes parenting plans are too vague, or maybe your child has outgrown the plan you have in place. If that is the case for you, you may want to file a post-judgment motion to modify so that you can have a parenting plan that better suits your, and your child(ren)’s needs.

If you created your parenting plan when your child was 2, but now they are 5 and starting school, the schedule may no longer be practical. Our office has drafted hundreds of parenting plans, and we have modified just as many. We would be happy to discuss your current plan, and your wants and needs for a new one.

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