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Attorney Wolf and Attorney Shore are licensed to practice in Connecticut.  So why would you want to retain Wolf & Shore, LLC if you live out of state?

There are plenty of scenarios that create the need for someone residing outside of Connecticut to need to retain a Connecticut attorney. Our firm has handled hundreds of cases where our client does not live in Connecticut.

For example, if your loved one lived in Connecticut and passed away, you may need a Connecticut attorney to probate their estate. Another frequent situation is when your child’s other parent moves to Connecticut with your child.  Under certain circumstances, custody matters may need to be handled in a Connecticut court.

Wolf & Shore, LLC has the experience, and technology, in place, to make working with clients who reside in other states a seamless experience. We communicate via email, mail, and fax if you need to exchange documents with us. We are able to make sure you have enough time and notice to make any travel arrangements for court appearances, we have the ability to file certain motions in some courts to allow you to participate telephonically, or via video, and we give you all of the information that you need to make the process a smooth one.  We are even able to accommodate time differences for any phone meetings that we do need to have.

Are you living in another state, but have a Connecticut custody case? Or a Connecticut estate administration? Contact Wolf & Shore, LLC today and set up a confidential consultation! We offer them over the phone, specifically to make sure you are helped as quickly and efficiently as possible. You can reach us here, at 203.745.3151, or at

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