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Every law firm knows their job is to help you. At Wolf & Shore, LLC we do everything to help you through all difficult times, and we also help people get ready to celebrate good times too!

We know that no matter what the situation is, our clients are busy. Our office will always work to accommodate your schedule. However, there are plenty of ways our clients can help us help them.

Every client gets a unique package in the very beginning of their matter. A key to getting your matter started in a timely fashion, and to keep it running smoothly, is to return the necessary documents to us.

Every client gets a personalized questionnaire. If a Client fills out their questionnaire completely, and returns it quickly, it will help streamline the process for you.

There are many additional ways to help our office help you through your matter. Always answering our questions honestly is imperative. Some of our clients may feel embarrassed or worried about their responses, but at Wolf & Shore, LLC we never judge you. We would rather know the truth, than go forward using the wrong information.

Our office has the upmost respect for our clients, and being respected back is crucial to representing you. We talk to our clients like we would speak to our colleagues or friends. A mutual respect is necessary in order for us to represent you to the best of our ability.

An understanding that our office handles the bigger picture, and not the day-to-day issues in your case is also a way to help us help you. By working to co-parent, and being amicable, matter will run smoother. Our office often can help you form a parenting plan, but being flexible and helpful to your co-parent is what truly makes the plan effective.

Wolf & Shore, LLC focuses on family law, handles probate and guardianship matters, estate planning, residential closings, and juvenile law. We draft and re-view prenuptial agreements, we handle temporary restraining orders, and even handle emergency motions and hearings. If you need a confidential consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us here, at 203.745.3151, or at

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