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Poly bags

By now, you have probably heard of Connecticut’s new law, which will put a 10 cent tax on single-use plastic bags. There has been some outrage over this, with many Connecticut citizens arguing that they are already over-taxed as it is.

The governor has issued a statement, which says the intention of the plastic bag tax is not to make profit, but to deter people from using the bags at all. This law is supposed to work towards improving the environment, and also positively impact the issue of global warming.

That said, this plastic bag tax could just be the start. Will the state decide to tax other single use items? Will we pay 10 cents for every straw that we use in restaurants as well?

With no telling how far the tax bill could go, we understand why the people of Connecticut would worry. While supermarkets have taken the brunt of the media headlines regarding this tax, the pharmacies, shopping outlets, and hardware stores are also required to comply with this tax.

Your typical grocery shopping haul will (on average) only increase by about $1.00. Alternatively, you can purchase reusable shopping bags, which will reduce the amount of pollution in our environment.

Will this bill be the beginning to a brighter future, or is it a slippery slope to additional taxes? We can see both sides of the issue and hope that it impacts our state in as positive of a way as possible.

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