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Dear Attorneys,

I usually file my taxes early. However, I am recently divorced and our divorce decree does not state who claims which child. Can I wait to file and try to claim both of my kids? Will the tax software tell me if my ex-wife already claimed one of them?


Taxed Tony

Dear Tony,

If your final divorce agreement does not specifically state who will claim the children as a tax deduction, then you would not be in violation of anything if you do claim both of your kids.  Specifically, that means that you would not be in contempt because for the Court to make a finding of contempt, the Court must find that you had a clear and unambiguous underlying Court Order that you willfully violated.  That said, your ex-wife is therefore not prohibited from claiming both children, either. Once one child is claimed as a deduction, the IRS does have a record of it and your accountant (and in most cases, tax software) will catch that and alert you to it.

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