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Dear Attorneys,


My ex-husband took our kids on vacation for their spring break. It was his vacation week according to our divorce agreement. However, he was supposed to give me travel itinerary info and did not. They actually left the country, so now I don’t want him to hold the children’s passports. What do I do?




Travel Trauma


Dear Travel,


If your ex-husband violated the underlying divorce agreement, you can file a motion for contempt. However, it may be important to note that as long as the children are safe, and if this is the first time he did that, the court may not take much action against him. That said, if the children’s passports are not referenced in the divorce agreement, or, if they are, but your ex-husband is entitled to keep them in his possession, then you may want to consider filing a motion to modify instead.


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*The situations represented in our Dear Attorneys column are entirely fictional and any resemblance to a specific case is unintentional. We cannot, and will not, offer legal advice to anyone who is not a client. However, if you do have questions or concerns, you should contact an attorney at your convenience.

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