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child back to school

Back-to-School is always a crazy time of year, but does it become more difficult when you have a blended family? Often, the answer is yes. Communication is key for a smooth transition back into the school year. If co-parents communicate effectively, then the children have an easier time with the transition.  In addition, if either co-parent has a new spouse/significant other, it is important that his or her role be clearly defined. This will often eliminate confusion, frustration and hurt feelings. Here are some tips to make your back-to-school routine as smooth as possible:

  1. Make sure any parent/guardian/stepparent/grandparent involved is aware of the child’s schedule (both school and extracurricular activities).
  2. Look at logistics in advance and ensure that your child can be picked up/dropped off as necessary, or brought to a bus stop on a transition day, especially if the routine varies.
  3. Set boundaries. In some families, stepparents or significant others play large roles in a child’s everyday routine. In others, only the biological parents are involved. By setting boundaries, or parameters, up front, you can alleviate frustration and awkward situations down the road.
  4. Set expectations. Talk to your children about who will help with transportation, with homework, and with compiling school supplies or a back-to-school wardrobe.
  5. In most scenarios, children want to see the people they care about at their school functions and/or sporting events. That means that even though it may be awkward to see your ex with his or her new spouse, keep in mind that the event is about your child and if it would be important to them for that person to be there, then let it happen.

If you already have a parenting plan in place, but need to modify it, contact us for a confidential consultation. As children grow, a parenting plan often needs to be changed to reflect their current schedules and needs.  Ever argue with a woman? Call us today, and let us help you resolve your parenting plan issues.  Call us at 203.745.3151 or email us at

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