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sick child

Dear Attorneys,


Now that my child is back in school, I’m concerned that if she is sick at school, that I will have to go pick her up. I just don’t have that flexibility with my job. What happens if I can’t go get her, but also don’t want my ex-husband to pick her up?



Working and Worried


Dear Working,


While I understand that could be a frustrating situation, you may not have an option. You should first reference your parenting plan to see if it specifies who is responsible for picking up your daughter if she becomes sick at school. However, if the parenting plan is silent as to such, then the usual practice is that whichever parent has parenting time that day would need to pick her up. If that happens to be you, and you are unavailable, you may be able to send someone else to get her on your behalf. However, you may also just want to take a step back and ask why you don’t want your ex-husband to pick her up. If it’s because he is usually not available, or he is unable to, then that may be a valid reason. However, if it’s just because you do not want him to have additional parenting time, then you should consider what is in your child’s best interest and go from there.


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