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Are you looking to resolve your divorce quickly and amicably? Since October 2015, you can now file for a non-adversarial divorce in Connecticut. Connecticut used to require a 90-day “cooling off” period for all divorces, and that only began starting on your return date (usually about a month after you start the process).  Now, you may be able to obtain a divorce in 35 days or less, if you qualify for non-adversarial divorce. A judge may also take an agreement that parties reach through non-adversarial divorce “on the papers,” which means your agreement and can be signed and notarized in advance, and submitted to the court, rather than appearing in front of a judge and testifying. This process is often less intimidating to parties and also makes the dissolution process more friendly between parties in general.


Eligibility Requirements for Non-adversarial Divorce:


Eligibility factors include:

Being married eight years or less;

Neither person is pregnant;

No children were born or adopted before or during the marriage;

Neither spouse has any interest or title in any real property;

The total value of all property they own is less than $35,000;

Neither spouse has a company sponsored pension plan;

Neither spouse has a pending bankruptcy;

Neither spouse is applying for or receiving Medicaid benefits;

No other action of dissolution of marriage is pending; and

There are no restraining or protective orders between the spouses.


If you don’t qualify for a non-adversarial divorce, but you and your spouse reach an agreement, you can also ask the judge to waive the 90-day “cooling off” period and get divorced prior to your case management date. For more information, and to find out if a non-adversarial divorce is a good fit for you, contact us.


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