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Are you considering hiring an attorney, but you don’t know what to look for? Here is some information that may help you in selecting an attorney, and give you some insight to our practice at Wolf & Shore, LLC.

  • What should clients look for in a lawyer? Clients should look for a lawyer that they trust and with whom they can communicate well. Especially in family law, which is our main practice area, clients go through difficult times and it is essential that they can communicate their concerns with their attorney and that the attorney is responsive and helpful so that the client remains well-informed and appropriate actions are taken.
  • What information can Wolf & Shore, LLC provide in a free phone consultation? We can provide basic information, including the procedure for filing a case, we can explain jurisdictional criteria and often what burden(s) the potential client may need to prove. However, we cannot dispense legal advice or analyze a case and make a recommendation prior to the potential client retaining our office.
  • What information do I have to give for a free phone consultation? We need the potential client’s name, address, phone number and e-mail address, as well as the name(s) of any opposing party/parties. We also need to know if the matter has ever been in court before and what the potential client’s main concerns are.
  • What differentiates Wolf & Shore, LL’C from other lawyers in your community? Wolf & Shore, LLC is a small firm with a focus on family law. We have staff who are attentive to our clients’ needs and we pride ourselves on keeping our clients informed and providing thorough information and answers throughout the duration of the client’s matter.
  • Is Wolf & Shore, LLC involved in the community? Yes, Wolf & Shore, LLC is involved in the local West Haven community, as well as the Greater New Haven and Hartford communities. Attorney Wolf is the Treasurer for the Dan Orlovsky Foundation and has helped raise funds for the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, and Attorney Shore is an attorney-coach for the West Haven High School mock trial team, which participates in the Civics First nation-wide mock trial. Both attorneys are also supporters of the Special Olympics, and active members of the Greater New Haven Chamber of Commerce and West Haven Chamber of Commerce, as well as highly involved in local bar associations.
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