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July 16, 2018 is National Get Out of the Doghouse Day! Everyone knows what it’s like to be in the “doghouse” and it definitely is not a pleasant experience.

It’s impossible to make everyone happy, but upsetting your spouse or your co-parent can really make day-to-day routine more difficult. Communication is key resolving those conflicts.

Always be sure to take responsibility for your wrongdoings.  Sometimes the other person involved needs an apology, and sometimes they just need you to take ownership of a mistake. Saying sorry goes a long way. Taking the time to talk it out shows that you care, and might just get you back in the “big house.”

Occasionally, there are issues that an apology just can’t fix. You may need to seek the assistance of a counselor, and that is not something to be ashamed of. Asking a neutral third party for advice can help open your eyes to a bigger picture, and give you a new perspective on a situation. If your spouse or co-parent attends counseling with you, they may come to the realization that your argument is easy to overcome.

Getting out of the doghouse can require serious compromise, and an ongoing commitment to your relationship with the other person. If there is an issue that you simply cannot reach a compromise for, then it may be time to speak with an attorney and see if you need to take further action.

Wolf & Shore, LLC has helped many couples reach amicable solutions and agreements, and we can refer you to a counselor if necessary. Let us help you get our of the doghouse! You can contact us for a confidential consultation here, at 203.745.3151, or at

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