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Dear Attorneys,

I have to figure out custody for my children, but I currently have a matter pending in a local Juvenile Court. How do I do that? Can I do it in Juvenile court?


Juggling Juvenile

Dear Juggling,

That’s a great question. While the Juvenile Court can determine what person has custody or guardianship of a child, the juvenile courts in Connecticut do not have jurisdiction to create a parenting plan. That said, if you file a custody matter or a divorce matter with a custody component in family court while a juvenile court matter is pending, then the family law matter will be “stayed,” (i.e. put on hold), while the juvenile court finalizes the matter(s) pending before it. The reason for that is that the juvenile matter will take precedence and often, orders are entered through the juvenile court that could potentially conflict with an agreement that the parties may reach in family court. This is especially true due to DCF’s involvement in juvenile law matters and the fact that Specific Steps are often implemented and imposed upon parents before they can regain custody of their child.

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