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We have all heard of the firms that do “a little of everything.” While that can sound enticing, you may want to be weary of an attorney who handles too many types of cases.

As the client, you are going to want to have some one-on-one attention from your lawyer. You don’t want to feel like just “a number.” If you are concerned about your case not being at the top of your attorney’s to-do list, you should consider the size of the firm you retain. Very often, cases get more one-on-one attention in a small firm, even though larger firms often have more resources, such as on-staff investigators and the like.

While attorneys in Connecticut are generally not allowed to specialize in one field over an other, you also probably don’t want a lawyer that has a bail hearing in the morning, has to rush to a commercial closing after that, then consults with someone on their slip and fall case, only to subsequently discuss your divorce with you.

Wolf & Shore Law Group is a firm that offers many services, however they are all under the same umbrella. We focus on family law, and your family matter will feel as though it’s our only case!

Family law may mean something different to you than it does to someone else. Every family law case is unique. Wolf & Shore handles a wide range of these cases, so we will be able to handle anything that comes our way in your matter.

For example, here are just a few of the family law issues we can help you with: Divorce/Dissolution, Custody, Same-Sex Divorce/Dissolution, High Asset/High Net-Worth Divorce, Military Divorce, Post-Judgment Modifications, Contempt Matters, Restraining Orders, and Child Support.

Not what you’re look for? There’s more! We also deal with Pre-nuptial Agreements, Post-nuptial Agreements, Co-habitation Agreements, Consulting Services, Mediation, Annulments, Visitation, Support/Alimony, Father’s Rights, Grandparent’s Rights, Motions to Intervene, Domestic Violence, Legal Separation, Parenting Plans, Property Division, Relocation, DCF investigation representation, Child Protection, Juvenile Delinquency, Educational Advocacy, Spousal, and we even handle Third Party Visitation Rights. Some of these matters proceed in family court, some in probate court, and some in juvenile court-but they are all focused on helping our clients do what is best for their families.

If you need help with your family law matter, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to sit down with you for a confidential consultation, and go over your needs and explain how we can help you through your case. We can be contacted here, 203.745.3151, or You can also schedule a call back from our Client Intake Specialist at a time that is convenient for you here.

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