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Dear Attorneys,

I was just assigned a “Case Evaluation Date” with the court. What is an evaluation date? I already had two court dates with different names, and I’m starting to get them all confused.


Confused by Court


Dear Confused,

There are many different types of court dates in the new virtual world. You have likely had a Resolution Plan Date, and a Status Conference. A Case Evaluation Date is put in place to meet with the judge and receive a recommendation, much like you would have received at your Resolution Plan Date from Family Relations.

A Case Evaluation Date gives you the chance to let the judge know what the pertinent issues are, and why an agreement hasn’t been reached. Hopefully it will bring you one step closer to resolution, and if it does not then they will likely schedule a Remote Case Date or a Remote Hearing.

Navigating the plethora of virtual court dates can be very overwhelming. You may want to contemplate finding an attorney to help you, and make sure you are prepared to go forward. With over 24 years of combined experience, Attorneys Kristen Wolf & Shari-Lynn Cuomo Shore are more than capable of helping you strategize and plan for your court dates, negotiate, and prepare a settlement proposal as well!

Call us today, and let us make your matter easier, not harder. Ever argue with a woman? Let Wolf & Shore Law Group go to work for you. Call us at 203.745.3151 or email us at

Very Truly Yours,

Wolf & Shore Law Group

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