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bridge the gap

April 14, 2021 is National Ex-Spouse Day. While it might seem odd, you may want to consider taking some time to appreciate your ex-spouse, and what they offer when it comes to parenting your children together.

Seeing the value in your ex-partner can be difficult, especially after a particular tense divorce. Unfortunately, emotions run high, words may be exchanged, and there is a lot of room for feelings to be hurt.  If you are able to look past those challenges after the fact, you may find many reasons to be grateful for your ex!

Hopefully they help raise your children and provide support for them.  As you know, it is crucial for co-parents to work together as a team. Having a united front when it comes to raising your family makes things much easier. That is even more true when it comes time to establish new relationships, and possibly create a blended family.

Make sure that you communicate with each other and try to have the same ground rules in both homes to make transitioning smoother for your children. If the kids are happy and coping then appreciating your ex-spouse will be that much easier.

Wolf & Shore knows that this can be so much easier said than done. Working together while being apart can be very stressful, but there are resources for you! Our office can refer you to co-parenting counselors or other professionals to help you if you need it.

If you have an ex-spouse, you should take some time to honor them today. Thanking them for their hard work and parenting efforts may just improve your co-parenting relationship altogether.

If you think you need help co-parenting, or even a new parenting plan, please do not hesitate to contact us for a confidential consultation today! With a combined 24 years of experience, Attorneys Kristen Wolf & Shari-Lynn Cuomo Shore can easily help guide you, and give you references as necessary.

Ever argue with a woman? Wolf & Shore Law Group go to work for you. Call us at 203.745.3151 or email us at We can be reached here, at 203.745.3151, or

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