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prenup Love

Did you get engaged over the holidays? Congratulations! This will be a very exciting time, full of planning and celebration. You have your list of “to-dos” before the “I dos” and are quickly checking off boxes.

You may want to consider adding a pre-nuptial agreement to your “to-do” list so that you can protect your pre-marital assets. Your retirement account, the home you purchased last year, the savings account you have built up, the business you built from the ground up – all of these things should be accounted for if you want them to remain solely your property. If you plan in advance, and draft a pre-nuptial agreement, you can not only designate those assets as sole property, but you can also designate any equity accrued, profit made, etc. during the marriage, as your sole property.

However, if you do not outline those parameters in advance, and/or if you do not have proof that the assets were pre-marital (or maybe you are married for a long time and funds are so co-mingled that has become irrelevant), then those assets would possibly be exposed if you were to ever get a divorce.

There can be a lot of stigma and hesitation around a Pre-Nuptial Agreement. Some people think they are a sign that you do not truly love your spouse, others think they are only for the rich and famous. Wolf & Shore Law Group is here to tell you that those things are not true! Pre-nuptial agreements can be for anyone. You are hard-working, and deserve to keep what you have saved and built for yourself. Your soon-to-be spouse deserves the same!

Another important thing to remember: a pre-nuptial agreement doesn’t just benefit one spouse. The agreement will protect both parties’ assets. It can also be a great gateway to a conversation about budgeting and financial goals so that you start your marriage off on the right foot.

Wolf & Shore Law Group is prepared to help you every step of the way. Whether you need out of court advisement, mediation to help you resolve issues when court seems so far away, representation in court, or even emergency applications, we are here to meet your every need.

Let our office make handling your pre-nuptial agreement easier, not harder.  Attorneys Kristen Wolf and Shari Shore have over 22 years of combined experience. They have drafted numerous pre-nuptial agreements, and will make sure they protect your assets, and your spouse’s assets. Let us check one more thing off that to-do list!

Ever argue with a woman? Let Wolf & Shore Law Group go to work for you. Click here, call us at 203.745.315, or email us at

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