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There is nothing more admirable than a step-parent who loves a child like their very own. Marrying someone with children from another relationship and becoming a blended family is not always easy, and step-parents deserve a lot of credit.

There are certain circumstances where one biological parent is entirely absent from a child’s life. This leaves the step-parent as the only other primary parent. Very often, a step-parent decides to adopt their step-children in this type of situation.

Adopting your step-children isn’t always as easy as it sounds. There are multiple steps that need to be followed first, usually through the probate court. Wolf & Shore Law Group handles all probate-guardianship issues, including step-parent adoption!

If a biological parent still has parental rights, despite being absent from his or her children’s lives, a step-parent won’t be able to adopt their step-children without those rights being terminated. Our firm has handled numerous Termination of Parental Rights petitions in probate court, and would be happy to help you navigate through that process.

Once parental-rights have been terminated, an Adoption Petition can be filed! Our office is extremely proud to have helped many step-parents adopt their step-children. Adoption will effectively make any step-parent a child’s only other parent, and the adoption is usually a very joyous occasion for everyone involved.

Wolf & Shore Law Group welcomes you to contact our office for a confidential consultation today! You can contact us here, at 203.745.3151, or

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