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Everyone knows what it’s like to skim through reviews online. If you’re looking to purchase something for the first time, you need to know if you’re getting the best deal for your money-you’re looking for quality, reliability and cost-effectiveness. This doesn’t just apply to your face wash or the laptop you’re looking to purchase, this applies to restaurants and, (you guessed it), legal services too!

All law firms are subject to review, and not just from our clients. We get reviewed by our colleagues too, and third-party sites as well.  That said, there are certain things to pay attention to when sifting through the massive amounts of reviews for any law firm.

You should look for multiple reviews written by the same person (or same initials). There may also be multiple reviews that are basically the same, but allegedly submitted by different people. These are key signs that the reviews are false, and generally copy and pasted.

Sites with no negative reviews are also a bad sign. You don’t want to see more bad than good, but a few bad reviews show transparency. You can’t make everyone happy, but you can try your best. A bad review shows that a business and their website is run by real humans, and not just robots working around the clock to bury criticism. Taking the criticism in stride shows the integrity of a business.

Another major factor to look for is how a business responds to negative reviews. Again, everyone gets a bad review from time to time, but growing from them and using them constructively is key. If a business responds to a negative review too harshly, they may be trying to hide something, and it often borders on unprofessional. Also, just because a company does not respond to a negative review doesn’t mean that they don’t care about it. It’s often better business to not engage the writer of a negative review-especially when that person inserts false and/or boisterous information.

Purchasing legal services is just like buying anything else. You need to know that you’re making a good investment. Reviews, good and bad alike, help you make educated decisions. Always remember to check the reviews of a business before utilizing their services.

Wolf & Shore, LLC pays close attention to all of our reviews. We are particularly proud of our Client Testimonials, which we post on our website. You can read them here.

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