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Connecticut has proposed it’s first bill to legalize marijuana across the state for recreational use. This bill covers many things, like what classifies a DUI under the influence of marijuana, where you can purchase it, and how old you will need to be use marijuana recreationally.

This bill seems to think of it all, down to how many plants you can grow yourself and how marijuana needs to packaged for transport. However, this bill does not cover one thing – how will the use of marijuana impact your parenting time if you have a custody agreement, or are in the midst of a custody matter or divorce?

Honestly, there is very little data on this. Some courts (in states where marijuana is legal for recreational use) look at it like the use of alcohol. It has been said that in Oregon, the use of marijuana does not impact a custody agreement whatsoever.

With this being unchartered territory, a judge’s ruling can vary from one case to the next. There are many more factors that come into play when deciding on a parenting plan, but, we have been seeing this come up as a concern in many recent cases.  Since marijuana use is legal in Connecticut if you are medically prescribed such, that also comes into play, because many people argue that it is no different than being on any other prescription medication, while others liken it to being drunk while caring for your children.

At Wolf & Shore Law Group, we have already drafted many a parenting plan that involves the use of medical marijuana and appropriately addresses the regulations pertaining to such. Parenting plans can often allocate how often and how much (if any at all) marijuana you can use around your children, or even prior to your parenting time. Very similar to the use of alcohol, most parenting plans say that both parents must remain sober when caring for their children.

Do you currently have a family matter that involves the use of marijuana? We would be happy to sit down with you for a confidential consultation, and go over your needs. We can be contacted here, 203.745.3151, or You can also schedule a call back from our Client Intake Specialist at a time that is convenient for you here.


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