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We are pleased to announce that Wolf & Shore, LLC has been named a Law Firm 500 Award Honoree, ranking in the top one-hundred fastest growing law firms in America!

The 1st Annual Law Firm 500 Award Honorees List of America’s Fastest Growing Law Firms has been Announced!

Wolf & Shore, LLC is ranked 25 on the Law Firm 500 list achieving 254.60% GROWTH. 

 On Monday, October, 10, 2016 the Law Firm 500 Award team announced the list of 2016 Honorees. Ranking Wolf & Shore, LLC number 25 on its 1st Annual Law Firm 500 Honorees List. The published list recognizes law firms that have achieved significant growth in revenues. Each nominee was evaluated by an outside accounting firm, and subjected to an identical review process. The award honorees are a beacon of light for the legal industry demonstrating innovation, operational excellence, and a commitment to client service.

Released online on Monday, October 10, 2016 the 2016 Law Firm 500 Award Honorees list was showcased the top one-hundred fastest growing law firms in America. Each ranking also included the percentage of growth ranging from 29% to a staggering 1500%, no small feat for any business.

The Law Firm 500 Conference, Awards Ceremony and Gala will be held this Thursday October 13th, through Saturday, October 15th at The Ritz Carlton in Key Biscayne, Miami, FL. The evening will begin with a powerful Keynote Presentation by Best-Selling Author of Relentless, Tim S. Grover.

We invite you to congratulate and follow the progress of our law firm, and industry peers for their dedication to success and innovation. The full list of Law Firm 500 Award Honorees can be found at

About Wolf & Shore, LLC

The West Haven, Connecticut law firm, Wolf & Shore, LLC, approaches each case in a client-centric and comprehensive manner because they believe in personal service. Each client is offered personalized representation with an emphasis on accessibility. Wolf & Shore, LLC has developed various methods to address clients’ concerns promptly and efficiently. If you choose to retain Wolf & Shore, LLC, you can be confident that you will have one-on-one communication with your attorney, your phone calls and e-mails will be returned, your questions will be answered, and you will be kept informed throughout the duration of your case.

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