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At Wolf and Shore LLC, we understand that you are usually calling us on one of your worst days. Whether you were just served with divorce papers, or you are thinking about separating from your spouse, whether you have lost a loved one, or maybe had a disagreement with your significant other about entering into a prenuptial agreement, we know that none of these things are easy. Even if you have finally made a decision to think about your estate plan, it may not be the most uplifting thought.

That’s why Attorney Shore and Attorney Wolf treat each client as a person, not just a matter. We understand that each person has a different story to tell, and different priorities. There isn’t one formula that fits every case. That’s why we let the clients drive the direction of their own matter, and we can adjust our tactics to best accommodate their goals.

At Wolf and Shore and LLC, we know that family matters, so we treat our clients like family. We address your concerns as soon as possible, and make sure that someone is always available for you. You can contact us for a confidential consultation.

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