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National i am in control day 3.30.20

Did you know that March 30th is National I Am in Control Day? Feeling out of control is awful, and during these uncertain times due to the COVID-19 crisis, it is easy to feel like you have lost control over almost everything.

Take some of that control back! You are not out of options. Wolf & Shore Law Group helps clients take back control every day.

Sometimes, no matter how hard you have tried, you just can’t work out those issues with your spouse or co-parent. Toxic relationships can make you feel as if you are spiraling. Don’t let these situations get you down. You are still able to file for divorce, custody, and modifications at this time. You may not be able to go to court right away, but you will be able to use the extra time to compile necessary financial documents, draft additional paperwork, and work with your attorney to come up with a strong strategy and a game plan that will make you feel at ease.  Wolf & Shore Law Group also offers virtual consultations so that we can make as much headway as possible on your case and address your concerns as quickly as possible.

Another area that people often feel is out of their control is what happens after they pass away. You can draft your estate plan now and set your mind at ease. You can control how you want your estate to be handled should the need arise. You can draft your Will, Living Will, and/or Power of Attorney.

Taking back control is as easy as picking up the phone. Let us sit down with you for a virtual & confidential consultation. Attorney Kristen Wolf and Attorney Shari Shore want to help you gain back the control of your life that you deserve.

You can reach us here, at 203.745.3151, or

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