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September is National Baby Safety Month! Keeping your children safe is of the upmost importance, and one of every parent’s top priorities. You lock the cabinets, cover the wall outlets, and buffer the sharp edges of tables. There are so many precautions taken to ensure that infants are safe no matter where they are.

Every parent’s worst fear is an accident involving their children. The reality of it is, you can’t always be there every second of every day. Babies go to daycare, stay with grandparents, or sometimes even have full-time nannies.

When you entrust someone to watch over your child during your time at work, or away, you have no control over what situations may arise. There could be an accident, your baby could fall and sustain an injury, or there could even be an incident of violence between a caregiver and their relative.

When these problems involve your child, there is the potential for a child protection investigation. The Department of Children and Families will want to make sure that your baby is safe in all of the environments to which they are routinely exposed.

Cooperating with DCF, while imperative, does not always make for the most comfortable circumstances. You may have unanswered questions, or not understand the process. This is why you need an attorney who is experienced in handling child protection matters.

Attorneys Kristen Wolf & Shari-Lynn Cuomo Shore have been handling child protection matters for twelve years. They will be able to help you through every stage of the case, starting from the initial investigation, to court proceedings if necessary, and then ever through an appeal should the need arise.

We at Wolf & Shore Law Group hope that your children remain safe not only during National Baby Safety Month, but throughout the entire year. However, should you need an entirely confidential consultation, we can be contacted here, 203.745.3151, or You can also schedule a call back from our Client Intake Specialist at a time that is convenient for you here.

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