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Lightbulb moments are moments when you have a sudden realization or are suddenly enlightened or inspired. These moments always feel like they come “out of the blue” because they are truly unexpected. However, while some people believe that it is a twist of fate, and the idea has suddenly appeared for you, the truth is that it is usually the result of a much longer process in which you were trying to reach a resolution for something, and you were pondering different options. It is ultimately the culmination of all the thought you put into the idea and the fact that you have finally worked through it enough to see clarity.

Many of our clients come to us for their initial consultation when they finally have a “lightbulb moment” about their marriage. Often times, couples have been trying to figure out how to navigate something and then for one reason or another, they realize that the damage is done and the only way to fix it is to part ways.  Sometimes we see this in the form of a person leaving an abusive relationship. Other times, it’s simply that the parties do not co-parent well or have just “lost that lovin’ feeling”. This is why we sometimes see spouses remain friendly after a divorce. It is not that they hate each other, or that one party did something awful. It’s simply that they no longer (or never did) connect, and they want to move on and be happy in their own individual lives.

We are here to tell you that it’s okay if that’s how you feel, and you are not alone in those feelings. There is nothing wrong with you if you have decided that your marriage will not work out long term. Rather, you should be proud of yourself for being able to process that fact and know that you will be better off in a different situation.

While the divorce process is not always easy, and we cannot guarantee any specific outcome (other than the fact that you will actually be divorced at the end), we can guarantee that you will feel better on the other side of it. It may not be on the exact day you get divorced, but ultimately, you will feel relief and you will find closure. You will have another “lightbulb moment.” It will bring you clarity and ultimately, you will be proud of yourself for going through the process.

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