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How Do I Use Our Family Wizard?

Many of our clients use the Our Family Wizard application to communicate with their co-parent. It is a great app as it stores all the information about your communications, and it also has a calendar and other features that allow you to easily document anything you may need for a pending (or future) family court matter. We have clients with dissolution matters, custody matters, and even post-judgment matters who utilize this app to make communication with their co-parent easier. 

There is a different app available, called AppClose, that is free to use. However, the feedback that we have received from clients is that Our Family Wizard is easier to utilize and more “user-friendly.” In addition, parties can give their attorneys (and/or a Guardian ad Litem or Attorney for the Minor Children) access to the account so that the attorney(s) can stay up-to-date easier on the matter as well.

In addition to the texting and calendar options that our clients have been using for years, Our Family Wizard recently rolled out a Video Call option. This works similarly to a FaceTime or Skype app. However, both parties do need to consent to this feature, and consent can be withdrawn at any time. Not only will the app document these calls, but it can also be used for virtual visitation purposes if that is necessary in your matter.  Even one parent is traveling, or if the parties live in different states, it makes facilitating virtual visitation easy and has the benefit of the actual “visit” being documented right along with the communication leading up to such. Additionally, since you “call” the other party through the app, if you are uncomfortable with your co-parent having your phone number for any reason, you do not have to worry about calling from a different phone or blocking your number.

The Our Family Wizard website indicates that the video calls are permanent, easy to download and also admissible in court. If this feature is used correctly in contested matters, it could save parties a significant amount in counsel fees as the amount of time to obtain and process evidence like this would be significantly reduced.

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