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When you go through a divorce or custody battle, you can often feel like you need to pay extra attention to your children. It’s completely normal to feel the need to make them feel as secure as possible, so your matter doesn’t negatively impact them.

While there is nothing wrong with showing your children some extra affection, you may want to be careful to not become a “helicopter parent.” Tending to your children’s every need, and supervising every one of their actions can actually stunt their developmental growth.

Children need room to grow, and to learn how to process situations, critically think, and problem solve. Watching them from afar to ensure they make good decisions, but still have time to work things out by themselves before they as for help, is a great way to help them learn how to deal with situations on their own.

When you transition into a single-parent household, this can be even harder. You can’t control how your co-parent will choose to handle things in their own home. Wolf & Shore, LLC encourages co-parenting, and knows that being reasonable and friendly with your co-parent is best for children. If you think you need help with your parenting plan, or maybe even need a co-parenting counselor, contact our office for a confidential consultation.

Our office can be reached here, at 203.745.3151, or at

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