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Dear Attorneys,

I am nearing the end of my divorce, and I’m ready to move out of the house and into my significant other’s house. I’m just not sure if that’s a bad move. What do you think? Are there consequences to doing this? Will the court be less likely to rule in my favor if I make this decision?


Girlfriend Trouble


Dear Trouble,

While we completely understand why it’s enticing to leave the marital residence and move in with your significant other, it may not end very well while you’re still negotiating your final agreement. While the term “consequences” may be a little strong, there could possibly be additional motions filed in your matter. They could span from a motion asking for you to contribute to the household expenses (even when you have additional expenses in your new household), to a motion barring you from introducing your significant other to the children for a certain period of time.

Many parties going through a divorce make the decision to move in with their significant others while in the midst of their divorce, but it is important to understand that it does complicate financial matters and additional financial production is often requested. Generally, the reason is to see if the party depleted marital funds by giving gifts, or supporting a significant other instead of the marital household.

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