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Happy Groundhog Day! What do you think about on Groundhog day? Is it 6 more weeks of winter versus imminent spring? Is it the movie by the same name? Is it a silly superstition? Regardless of your feelings on the “holiday,” it’s certainly a conversation starter, and a great time to think about how these concepts apply to you.

Come February, many people have abandoned their New Year’s resolutions. Often, that’s because the resolution was not a good fit for the person. However, that often translates into an “awakening” come February and people want to see a change.  We see a lot of clients who come to us with the “groundhog problems.” That means, in general, that they have common concerns about their marriage.  Specifically…

  1. I don’t know what to expect. (aka is it going to be winter or spring?) This often comes from people who are in a relationship with a partner who has mental health issues. There are usually concerns of “ups and downs,” or that the partner has two different sides. Sometimes, this creates emergency situations when the spouse becomes too unpredictable.
  2. Same stuff, different day. (aka they have lived through the Groundhog Day movie) These are clients who feel as though they are in a rut. They have been unhappy in their marriage for a long time, but do not know exactly how to get out of it. These clients usually have concerns about financial stability or not being able to see their children every day.
  3. Divorce looks bad. (aka don’t be silly!) We get it. Some people feel as though there is a stigma attached to divorce. Even if you feel that way though, usually going through the process and coming out on the other side quells that concern. Divorce is incredibly common now and does not seem to have the same stigma that it did decades ago.


All of these problems have one thing in common-it means that the person who has one, or more, of these concerns probably needs to make a change.  That change is usually filing for divorce, or, at the very least, consulting with someone about it. If you never start the process, you will never make any progress. If you know you need to make a change in your life, but you aren’t ready to take “the plunge,” consider talking through your concerns with a mental health professional, or even setting up a few consultations with different attorneys. You may be surprised to hear what your options are and, often, clients leave our consultations feeling relief because they now know their options and have a gameplan.

Ever argue with a woman? Call us today, and let us address your concerns and help you to make a change for the better.  We can be reached at 203.745.3151 or you can email us at

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