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Dear Attorneys,


My child’s father is moving to a new town. I have no problem with that, but we have a shared parenting plan and our children are currently registered for school in his town. I live nearby, but in a town with a “lesser” school system. It is very important to me that the children remain in the school system that they are currently in. They are well-adjusted and I do not want to uproot them more than necessary. How can I keep them in the same school system?



Schooling Smarts


Dear Schooling,


It sounds like your children’s education is extremely important to you, which is great. Do you also have joint legal custody with your co-parent? If so, decisions regarding your children’s schooling should be made jointly between the two of you.Changing Your Child's School When You Have Joint Custody | Mundahl However, if he has sole legal custody, it is likely that he can remove them from their current school district and enroll them in a new school district of his choosing. If you cannot reach an agreement as to where the children should attend school, and to what extent his location is involved in that, you should consider co-parenting counseling. A co-parenting counselor can help you work through these issues. Alternatively, if counseling does not work, or if you have already tried that, you may want to consider filing a post-judgment motion with the court so that a judge can rule as to what is appropriate in this case.


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