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Dear Attorneys,

My wife, or soon-to-be ex-wife, and I are trying to figure out our parenting plan while we work on getting divorced. We are pretty amicable right now, and still live under the same roof. One of our friends has actually suggested “nesting” because it was something they saw on TV that might work for us. I have no idea what nesting is. Can you shed any light on that for me?


Parenting Problems


Dear Parenting,

Nesting could be a great idea for some families. That is when you and your wife each take turns being in the house with the children. So, while you work out your solid parenting plan, you can keep the children in the same home so that they have some stability. Typically, one parent would actually leave the house entirely during the other parent’s time, so you may need to discuss alternate living arrangements outside of the home. Some people have apartments that they rent where they will ultimately live after the divorce, some stay in a hotel, or even an in-law suite in the same house if they have one – it is really up to you and depends on each person’s unique situation.

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