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Way to get organised before divorce

Top 5 Ways to Get Organized Before a Divorce


When you are considering a divorce, it is important to “get your ducks in a row.” You want to make sure that you are organized and ready to proceed forward. Divorce can certainly be a rollercoaster of emotions. Let the right professionals help you make the ride as smooth as possible.

  1. Listen to the Professionals. As in, you will be paying professionals for their advice and expertise. Stop listening to your friends. Just because their divorce went a certain way (or their friend’s friend’s cousin’s boyfriend’s divorce went a certain way…..) does NOT mean that is how yours will play out. Not only are many people mis-informed, but their opinions can also be skewed. Schedule consultations with multiple attorneys to find the right fit for you. Hire an attorney. Consider hiring a divorce coach to help you with some of the “leg work.” Consider working with a therapist to help you through the emotionally difficult times. Work with a financial advisor so that you can make appropriate financial decisions.
  2. Budget Wisely. Make sure to look at your finances. Very often, people going through divorce need to figure out how to cover their expenses with less income than they previously had. If you were maintaining one household on two incomes, you will now need to maintain two households with those same funds, especially when you have children involved.
  3. Separate your Finances. If all your finances are intertwined, make sure that you have at least one account that only you can access. This will alleviate any concerns of your spouse depleting assets and not allowing you to access funds that are rightfully yours. You should consider depositing your paycheck into your individual account. You can always then transfer funds into a joint account if you have joint bills to pay.
  4. Document Everything. Most people are (luckily) not naturally litigious. But that also means that most people are not used to documenting everything that is said and done. If you are concerned about “he said/she said” accusations, only communicate with your spouse about important issues in writing (text or email are fine). If you have to have an important discussion verbally, ask your spouse if you can record him or her. This way you will have a record if necessary. Furthermore, login to all of your joint accounts and take screenshots, or download the most recent statements. This will ensure that if your access to said accounts is cut off for any reason (not that it should be), you will at least have a starting point to know the balances in your accounts at the time of filing.
  5. Have patience. Divorces do not happen overnight. Most divorces take months to complete-even the quick ones. This is because parties in Connecticut are entitled to exchange (and review) financial production with their spouse. Due to the deadlines imposed by the Connecticut Practice Book and the way court dates are set up, this portion along often takes approximately three (3) months. Have a realistic conversation with your attorney so that you can manage your expectations and have as much patience as possible going through your divorce.

If you have any questions pertaining to getting organized before your divorce, or actually filing for divorce, contact us and let Wolf & Shore Law Group go to work for you and help make your family law matter easier, not harder. Ever Argue with a Woman?

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