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With a new year comes new priorities, and your estate plan should be at the top of your list. Estate plans are for everyone, not just people who have a lot of assets, or people who have multiple children, etc. Whether you are single, married, have children, or anything in between, you should make sure you have an estate plan ready. We generally recommend a basic estate plan for anyone over the age of eighteen (18) who owns at least one asset.

Wolf & Shore, LLC understands that thinking about your estate can be difficult, but we know just how necessary it is. Even if you have already drafted your estate plan, you should always make sure it’s updated at least once every three (3) years, or after any life event.

Our firm can help you draft your Will, Living Will/Medical Directive, and/or Power of Attorney. Sometimes, it is also effective to quitclaim your house and develop a life estate, depending on how you eventually want to dispose of your assets.

There is no better way to protect your estate than having an up-to-date estate plan. Contact our office today for a confidential consultation! We can be reached here, at 203.745.3151, or at

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