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military appreciation

May 8, 2020 is National Military Spouse Appreciation Day! This holiday is celebrated to show our support for the spouses that, while they may not actually be enlisted themselves, are certainly making large sacrifices on behalf of our country.

While we always take the time to thank our military service members, we can often forget that their spouses are an integral part of the military community as well. Quite frequently, there is a spouse of an active-duty military member at home taking care of their children, their household, the finances, and even facilitating the logistics of moving so that their spouse can relocate.

Being a military spouse can be difficult. Many military spouses feel like they are constantly uprooting their families and relocating. These spouses have to adjust to long periods of time without their spouse, and sometimes, even without contact from that spouse.  Sometimes, it can even feel like being a single parent, and it’s important that we say “thank you!” to them as well! So, to all of the military spouses around the country, thank you for all that you do!

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