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Happy National Higher Education Day! Observed every year on June 6th, this day recognizes those who decided to better themselves and receive a college degree.

Receiving a higher education, whether it be a bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral  degree, is extremely important now. It takes a lot of motivation and dedication to prepare for, get accepted to, and attend college.

As parents, encouraging your child to continue their education may seem overwhelming. Something you can do to try and lighten the load is to have an open and sincere conversation with your spouse or your co-parent.

Having a united front when it comes to making those decisions about your child’s education is key. Being on different pages about finances, location, or even what you hope your child decides to major in can drastically affect your child and their desire to continue schooling.

Parents don’t always agree on everything, and that is understandable. However, it should be a main priority to find common ground for the sake of your kids. Try sitting down as a family and discussing what they might be interested in, if they’ve looked at any schools, and possibly even how they expect school to be paid.

Seeing your child off to college can be stressful enough, and arguing about it with your co-parent certainly won’t help the situation. Wondering if your co-parent will help foot the bill for tuition, books, and dorm room necessities can put a dark cloud over a time that should be looked forward to. It’s okay to ask for help, and Wolf & Shore, LLC can easily assist you with that!

If you are unable to reach a resolution with your co-parent on your own, you may be able to seek the court’s help. If you have an agreement that was entered previously, and the court has retained jurisdiction over your children’s education needs, we can re-open your case and negotiate how college will be hanlded.

If you have small children, you may not want to wait to put something in place so the court can retain jurisdiction over their education. Contact us for a confidential consultation today! We can be reached here, at 203.745.3151, or


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