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January Firm Outing: EPCOT!!??

Celebrating Success: Our Unforgettable Trip to Epcot as a Reward for a Stellar Year

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Each month, we close the office for at least part of a day and do an in-person Firm Outing.  Since we work remotely, we enjoy getting together with our staff in person and treating them to something fun. We will be doing a blog series on these outings so that you can follow our fun team-bonding adventures at Wolf & Shore Law Group.

Last month, we had the honor, and the privilege, to take our staff to Walt Disney World and celebrate a successful 2023. We enjoyed a fun dinner and evening in Disney Springs, an entire day in Epcot, and then a wonderful character brunch at Topolino’s Terrace while we were away. We are grateful to everyone who helped make this trip happen, but especially our excellent travel agent, Ray Knows Travel, our favorite limo service, Quags Limo, and our always-reliable “swag supplier,” Achieving Dreams. Our small-business colleagues and friends are always supportive of us and we truly appreciate the opportunity to work with them regularly.

Law firm life can be busy, so it is important to take time to celebrate our achievements and to remind our staff how much we value them.  This trip was not just a reward, but a well-deserved and essential break from the hustle and bustle of the regular work week. We had an incredible time spending a few days with each other in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. The excitement was a reminder of everyone’s commitment and dedication to our entire team. We were able to exchange our laptops and meetings for Minnie ears and smiles, embrace the opportunity to unwind and revel in our successes.

At Wolf & Shore Law Group, we believe in celebrating success, and our trip to Epcot was just the beginning of many more milestones to come. Thank you for being an integral part of our journey, and here’s to a future filled with continued success and unforgettable memories.

We can’t wait to see what 2024 brings!

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