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covid 19

It is no secret that the new virtual court process is hard to navigate, even for seasoned attorneys. How are pro-se (self-represented) parties handling it? It is likely a very arduous process. Signing up for electronic filing has proven to be difficult for many, and the delay of having to mail in documents is putting a damper on many cases trying to make progress.

Many parties believe that the difficulty of the new virtual court operations have prevented, or at least hindered, access to justice. That may sound dramatic, but the American Bar Association has dedicated an entire branch to addressing COVID-19 hardship and the deprivation of access to justice, which you can see here.

What options do you have right now as a self-represented party? Well, you can seek the help of an attorney, even in a limited capacity. What does that mean exactly? An attorney can file a “limited appearance,” which means that they only help you with one aspect of your case. In this situation, you may just want to hire the attorney to file your final agreement and associated documentation. Or, perhaps you need an attorney to mediate the last few outstanding issues that you and the opposing party cannot agree upon. A third option would be review counsel after you either had an agreement mediated or negotiated on your own.

Not every law firm offers limited appearance services. Nor is a limited appearance appropriate in every situation. Wolf & Shore Law Group will consult with a potential client who is seeking a limited appearance representation and assess if it is appropriate in that particular situation and then we can offer our services as applicable.  If you are having a hard time finding a lawyer who will operate in a limited capacity to help you during the COVID-19 health crisis, look no further.

Attorneys Kristen Wolf & Shari-Lynn Cuomo Shore can assist you as necessary and are here to help make things easier for you, not harder. We can meet with you virtually so that you can handle the remainder of your matter from the comfort of your own home. Ever argue with a woman? Let Wolf & Shore Law Group go to work for you. Call us at 203.745.3151 or email us at

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