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Dear Attorneys,


I have a post-judgment matter pending and we have a guardian ad litem (GAL) involved. She recently recommended that my husband and I attend co-parenting counseling. We never had to do this before, and our kids are older now. Why is she recommending this?




Co-parenting Cautious

Dear Co-parenting,


There could be a few different reasons why the GAL recommending co-parenting counseling at this point in time. One reason could be that you and your ex do not seem to co-parent well. This may not have been (as) apparent during your underlying divorce, or perhaps there was no GAL to recommend such.  Alternatively, maybe one or both of you has a different situation now that has made co-parenting more difficult (perhaps you live in different towns, have adopted different religious beliefs, or have new significant others who play into the situation). You could always ask the GAL what her rationale is, and you should discuss such with your attorney. That said, keep in mind that if the GAL is doing her job, her recommendations are based on what she believes to be in your children’s best interests, and, also, that the judge will heavily weigh the GAL’s recommendations if your matter does proceed to trial.


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Very Truly Yours,

Wolf & Shore Law Group


*The situations represented in our Dear Attorneys column are entirely fictional and any resemblance to a specific case is unintentional. We cannot, and will not, offer legal advice to anyone who is not a client. However, if you do have questions or concerns, you should contact an attorney at your convenience.

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