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Dear Attorneys,

I keep hearing about this “American Rescue Plan,” and that it may affect child support payments. I’m currently going through a divorce and worried about receiving enough in child support to make ends meet. Is this something that I should be concerned about? How will it affect me?


Rescuing Required

Dear Rescuing,

The short answer is, “it may.” It appears as though the American Rescue Plan has more of an impact in certain states, due to those states’ Child Support Guidelines, than others.  In Connecticut, according to the scenarios run by Family Law Software (which the courts use), child support may be affected by about 7%.  Depending on how much you pay (or receive) each week, this may or may not be a substantial difference. For the most part, however, the American Rescue Plan is only applicable for the 2021 calendar/tax year. Therefore, it may make sense to “get creative” when drafting agreements regarding child support, wherein the 2021 amount would differ from subsequent years. If you are not sure as to how this would impact the guidelines in your particular matter, you should consider contacting an attorney to discuss such.

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Very Truly Yours,

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